Man in a jumpsuit wearing a hard hat and safety glasses, holding a controller and looking up at a wall.

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A worker checks the gas detection device at a worksite from shepherd safety systems

We design, manufacture and service all of our Shepherd products.

Shepherd products are an integral part of our gas detection system, with 11 unique patents.

With built-in satellite connectivity, Shepherd products enable 24/7 remote monitoring and access from anywhere.

Durable and rugged, our tech can withstand the harshest environments.

A shepherd safety systems gas detection device is shown at a worksite

All-in-one sensors

  • A single unit can detect up to six gases including: H2S, LEL, CO, SO2, O2, CLO2, H2, CH4
  • Less required equipment means reduced burden on operations
  • Sends and receives data, including calibration status, battery levels and gas concentrations
  • Easy to use LCD screen with intuitive status indicators

Personal monitors

  • Notifies everyone needed if there is a problem
  • Reports the gas concentration and GPS location
  • 2-way wireless connectivity
  • ‘Employee down’ button if a worker is in trouble for any reason
  • Checks team members in and out of locations
A personal gas detection device is worn on a workers jumpsuit
The control panel for shepherd safety systems gas detection system


  • Communication hub of the local network
  • Transmits data via satellite, WiFi or ethernet, powering real-time communication
  • Receives and sends commands
  • Housed in an explosion proof casing
  • Options of either battery powered or hard wired

Wireless alarm stand

  • Fully independent system means no more running wires or finding a power source
  • Position sirens close to workers
  • Integrated solar panel and extended life battery
  • Alarm can be set to activate at different thresholds
A wireless alarm stand is shown at a worksite, to detect harmful gasses