Man smiling and wearing hard hat with personal gas detector. Man wearing blue Shepherd safety systems work jumpsuit

The System | Monitoring

An alarm for the gas detection system is shown. Red LED beacon.

Shepherd on call

When gas levels become dangerous, both on-site and off-site personnel will receive instant alerts on their phones, tablets and/or computers. Incident notifications include contact numbers and GPS locations to promote fast and efficient responses.  

You can also receive alerts before gas levels reach a critical level, so you can track the problem early, mobilize and make life-saving decisions faster.

Access all alerts and data on the following platforms:

  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Email reports
  • Text alerts
  • Client portal
The gas detection technology for shepherd safety systems is shown

Satellite powered

The Shepherd gas detection system transmits data via reliable satellite communications directly to the Shepherd System, user portal, Shepherd app, email and mobile phones for all gas events and alarms.  Our system constantly does active communication checks, so that you can always see the status of your sensors anytime and anywhere.

24/7 vigilant support

Our team supports your operations with a dedicated 24/7 watch floor to stay alert for all gas or alarm events. We monitor your teams around the clock to get ahead of incidents and send out our technicians prior to your call to ensure your team is safe, supported, and back in the fight.

Man in uniform with a hard hat pointing up at a wall and talking to a man in a jumpsuit holding a sensor.
Man earing jumpsuit and hard hat talking to another person in a uniform. Open monitor with red beacon and sirens on site.

Full accountability

All data history is stored in full for comprehensive accurate records. The Shepherd System catalogues all data collected from sensors, creating an extensive record of exposure levels and employees' responses which increases accountability and provides invaluable information for Health, Safety and Environment professionals and executives.