The System | Maintenance

A shepherd employee is shown on a worksite ready to perform maintenance

Full maintenance support

No one knows our tech better than we do. We manufacture our own products and maintain them for you. If a problem arises, we will dispatch our closest team-member and be onsite quickly to get you back online.

Man installing a controller with small tools. Controller with a red beacon and sirens. Man wearing hard hat and safety glasses.

Proactive upkeep

Our system alerts us to any maintenance your Shepherd Gas Detection System might need. If there is a problem, we know early on and can address it before it progresses. If a battery is low, our team will fix it before it goes dead. Clients also have full access to the Shepherd app to monitor all components.

Calibrations and inspections

Calibrations and inspections are critical part of keeping your system safe—and we take this responsibility seriously. Because calibrations are generated through our software, they cannot be altered or falsified.

Gas sensor that detects multiple gases. Person installing sensor with small tools.
A gas detection sensor

Have sensors from multiple brands?

Our maintenance team is trained to repair other brands as well. We are experts in all gas detection technology and able to address cross-brand maintenance needs.