Man holding a gas detection sensor in his hand on site. Man wearing jumpsuit with hard hat and safety glasses.

The System

A fully connected gas detection system

A gas detection device is shown at a worksite

Gas detection made easy

It’s time for a better safety solution. A simple, all in one gas detection system that includes great tech, expert maintenance and most importantly monitoring. Let’s bring everyone home safely.

  • 24/7 fully connected monitoring
  • A network of people notified when a worker is in danger
  • Leading, patented tech
  • Dramatically reduced downtime
  • Fastest maintenance
  • The safest choice
Woman reading notification from personal monitor for gas detection. Woman wearing blue Shepherd safety systems work suit

Fully connected monitoring

Shepherd’s real-time gas monitoring saves lives and greatly reduces downtime. Built with complete connectivity, our satellite-enabled solution empowers both onsite and offsite personnel to monitor activities and coordinate a safe rescue for any worker.

A worker protected by shepherd safety systems gas detection technology works at an industrial site

A complete ecosystem

You have everything you need in our single, all-in-one gas detection system. Products, maintenance and monitoring are all rolled up into one connected solution.  The result? Less time offline, more productivity, and better safety.

Our Work