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May 13, 2022

Shepherd Customer Tests Methane Emissions Service

Methane Emissions Control to Mitigate Risk and Achieve Net Zero Emissions

Midland, TX— Friday, May 13th 2022Shepherd has released a new case study resulting from Shepherd’s Methane Emissions Pilot Program, revealing the benefits of utilizing the Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem for methane gas monitoring and management. Methane gas leaks can be extremely costly for any E&P provider, resulting in regulatory fines, rising equipment, and workforce losses, increased operating costs, and a high rate of emissions. In this study, one E&P company was looking for an opportunity to monitor, manage, and even reduce methane emissions, increasing the depth of monitoring levels and protecting the health and safety of team members.

Positive Customer Impact

As part of the Shepherd Methane Emissions Pilot Program, the E&P had a remote site where methane monitoring was a constant challenge. Without team members onsite monitoring the facility and the technology to pinpoint leaks accurately,the organization worked blindly, unable to quantify the losses. Utilizing the Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem, details revealed methane releases across a pad, validating leaks along the site location. Gas leaks were discovered and reported in real-time, enabling the team to catch and repair the leaks, even in this remote location. The leaks were verified and revealed almost 100 mcf/day before they were halted.


Getting to Net Zero Emissions

The ability to determine the exact location of the leak saved this team significant time and reduced the risk to assets (both equipment and workers) from explosions. In addition, the E&P provider could be assured that it was on a path to read methane in parts per million, a step towards achieving net-zero emissions with Shepherd’s remote monitoring technology.

The Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem is driven by customer feedback and is part of Shepherd’s commitment to helping E&P companies protect their employees, the public, and the environment from IDLH gases and harmful emissions. Join Shepherd’s fleet of teams benefiting from improved remote gas monitoring and reduced response time. To learn more about the Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem, visit the Shepherd Safety Systems website.


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