The System | Case Studies

Changing a company’s safety culture

A trucking company was using a regular gas detection system that didn’t provide remote monitoring.

When an alarm went off, the only person who knew was the field worker. Employees would simply reset the alarm and keep working in dangerous conditions with high levels of deadly gases. This became an embedded company culture. One employee stayed in a gas-filled location for over 20 minutes, repeatedly ignoring alarms.

In order to improve their gas detection, the business switched to Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem.

At first, employees were resistant to the heightened accountability that the Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem provided. They tried to continue to ignore alarms, and some workers would leave the new Shepherd monitors in their trucks.

But there was a change not long after—a shift in safety culture. Employees began wearing their personal monitors, and experienced a falloff in alarms. Instead of staying in a dangerous location, when an alarm sounded, employees would vacate the area and go to their muster station, per approved safety protocol. The days of repeatedly ignoring alarms were over. We call this preventative safety, and it’s a core component of the Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem.