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A client saved $30k/month in downtime

A client drilling in a high hydrogen sulfide (H2S) field located in the Permian saved over $30,000 in a single month by reducing downtime with Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem’s 24/7 remote monitoring.

Standard gas systems only have local, on-site alarms, resulting in an average response time of two to three hours to get a technician on-site. When an alarm goes off, the client calls and notifies a maintenance provider to get their system back online.

For this client, the cost of downtime on a drilling rig can range from $4,500-$6,000 per hour and up to $10,000 per hour during completions. Every minute counts.

The Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem provides 24/7 remote monitoring, and team members are immediately aware of any alarm events. With a typical response time of 45 – 60 minutes, our maintenance experts are on-site quickly without waiting for clients to notify us. In addition, the client can instantly see the type of gas, the level of gas, and the location. This visibility can reduce downtime to near zero for a planned event such as bleed-offs.

Clients can achieve cost savings of more than 3x their monthly investment in the Shepherd Digital Gas Monitoring Ecosystem during a single gas event.