A shepherd safety systems worker walks around a worksite outside


A worker climbs a set of stairs on an industrial worksite, protected by shepherd safety systems gas detection technology

Gas detection is our lifeblood

Shepherd Safety Systems was started in 2002 because standard gas detection systems have a major flaw: they only warn personnel being exposed to gas, and those workers are expected to evacuate themselves to a safe location. However, poisonous gases can incapacitate a worker and prevent self-evacuation, and additional deaths can occur when unprepared co-workers attempt a rescue.

Shepherd solves this problem by sending alarm information wirelessly to both onsite and offsite personnel who can monitor ongoing activities and coordinate a safe rescue with first responders.

Removing barriers to safety

A huge obstacle to worker safety is how complicated most products are to maintain. The Shepherd Safety System is an integrated system that includes products, monitoring and maintenance backed by our team of gas detection experts. All of your gas detection needs are covered by our products and people, for a seamless streamlined network.

Leadership in Safety

Every member of the Shepherd team is an important part of keeping your people safe. Meet the Shepherd executive team:

Service members

We are proud that 2/3 of our team are former military. Our veterans bring an unrivaled work ethic and commitment to client service—they are here to help protect your team.

The reliability and ease of operations of the system, the true data performance (less false alarms) and durability of equipment in harsh environmental conditions, makes the Shepherd System stand in a class by itself.

- Don Marcello, Don Marcello Safety Associates, LLC

…you must have the most reliable and robust gas detection equipment available because it is a matter of life and death. Shepherd Safety System is the best, bar none.

- Daniel Ray, Drilling & Completions Consultant

The technology used in the system gave you real time data from the field and also gave you an update status in our company man office. If an alarm went off the technology had the capability to give a Shepherd employee a view of the alarm remotely from a mobile app and deal with it accordingly. It was hands down the best system I have ever used in my career.

- Felix Villanueva, Hydraulic Fracturing Consultant